RPD CATALYST, LLC is a highly experienced privately owned firm that has a 21-year track record of investing in all forms of real estate throughout the country.  RPD specializes in value-add, opportunistic and niche-market investments in residential, office and retail properties. 

Between them, RPD’s founding co-owners, Scott Dew and Richard Pachulski, have over fifty years of experience investing in real estate.  RPD President and CEO Scott Dew previously was the Co-President of Rubin Pachulski Dew Properties, LP (now Rubin Pachulski Properties, LP) and, before that, a managing partner of a law firm specializing in corporate and real estate bankruptcies and reorganizations.  RPD Managing Director Richard Pachulski is also a founder and officer of Rubin Pachulski Properties, LP and of the national bankruptcy law firm of Pachulski, Stang, Ziehl, Jones & Weintraub, LLC. 

Like its leadership, RPD’s acquisition and management teams bring experience, creativity and energy to investments, allowing the company to achieve and maintain an enviable track record.  Most employees have decades of experience in their fields – including asset and property management, construction management, accounting, and law -- and many have a decade or more of employment at RPD.